Offering a Full Line of UV cure Coatings

UV Specialties, LLC's focus is exclusively UV Curable coatings. We formulate, manufacture, and sell only UV coatings.

The growth of this technology into more and more markets and for more applications is the result of ongoing developments in Materials, Formulas and equipment. Furthermore, UV coatings are essentially V.O.C.-free, very eco-friendly, and considered by many environmental oversight groups as best-in-class coating technology. This is why we have this singular focus.

At UVS, our coatings are designed for optimal performance based on the marriage of a client's requirements, their application method, and our customized formulation approach. Our client's success is the result of this collaboration.

Over the years, the majority of our work was directed toward the Graphic Arts market, with emphasis on today's Digital Print Market. Over the past few years, we have expanded into select industrial applications. With our extensive background in UV technology, UV Specialties is happy to offer knowledgeable insight regarding materials, applications, substrates, print, and equipment considerations.

In Graphics, we provide UV coatings for virtually every conventional and digital print output, and application method. Our product line includes coatings for:

Flexographic Printing
Sheetfed Printing
Screen Printing
Digital Printing

Application methods compatible with UVS coatings include all standard UV coating equipment, such as:

Roller Coaters
Blanket or Tower Coaters
Screen Machines
Flexo Coaters

Tell us what you print and what equipment you use to UV finish, and UVS can match up the right UV coating, offering the right performance, and the right price. For additional details of recommended UVS coatings for your specific print/finish set up, please visit our PRODUCTS tab.

For Industrial Applications, please contact us to discuss the details of your project or requirement.

100% UV Soft-Touch / Digital Print / Special Effects

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